Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm a woman of letters

I discovered Letterheady late last night, thanks to a link shared by my friend Casey. The website is "an online homage to offline correspondence," displaying interesting letterhead from a wide range of sources. For what is a seemingly boring topic, the site is endlessly entertaining to browse through.

Some are from movie stars:





Body builders:



And some, simply put, are plain wild:

I've always loved receiving letters, but I've never been one to send them (I'm a natural taker). Maybe that would change if I had my own sweet-ass personalized stationary. There's something about having your own official letterhead that says, "I've made it," which, coincidentally, is the only thing I'd write you to say.

(All images are courtesy of Letterheady)


Rachel said...

my favorite post

Michelle said...

I dislike that body builder intensely. Particularly his underwear.

Madeleine Davies said...

The good news, Michelle, is that I bet he's dead.