Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not to start rumors, but Paul Rudd is probably my boyfriend

One of my boyfriends is on the cover of this month's GQ.

A completely non-fabricated excerpt from the interview*:
Paul Rudd: Madeleine Davies is the real reason I do this work.
GQ: Aren't you married with children?
PR: Don't put your society's hang ups on me, man. We're super European. I summer with Madeleine at the French Riviera, then spend the rest of the year with my family. Everyone is okay with it.
GQ: You're too short for Madeleine Davies.
PR: (Staring sadly into his cappuccino) It's the Achilles heel of our relationship.



Librarian Girl said...

I shall now only refer to Paul Rudd as "Mrs. Maddie Davies."

Rachel said...

Halfway through that 5 line interview I thought it was real.

Madeleine Davies said...

Naw, LG. He's just my side piece.

And one day it will be, Rachel!