Monday, August 2, 2010

True Blood 3.7: I thought you came to flirt

Last night’s episode of True Blood opened with Sookie Stackhouse Christmas tree shopping with her mother, brother, and new step father. Amidst the Douglas Firs and Scotch Pines, our young heroine happens upon Vampire Bill, that kid for the neighborhood who, at one time, was hopelessly in love with Sookie’s hard-hearted mother. He hasn’t been around much in the past season (he’s been too busy making gimp lanyards) but now he’s back and has his heart set on Sookie. He’s eerie, our Bill, but he and Sookie have so much in common, especially now that Sookie’s father Sam Merlotte has relocated to the city where he’s quickly crumpling beneath the weight of booze, sex, and work. Bill’s vampire father is also gone, leaving Bill lonely and bitter. Strange as it seems, Sookie is touched by Bill’s forward and destructive attempts to relate to her. What an intriguing and not-at-all-boring relationship.

Meanwhile, in the thriving metropolis of Bon Temps, Merlotte’s Bar is kept busy by a new account with Pond’s cold cream and preparations for the staff Christmas party. Though he is the bar’s namesake, Sam is quickly losing his authority at the establishment and in his personal life. We see his self-destruction manifested as he drinks himself into a stupor and makes several drunken passes at various women. Eventually he lures his new hostess Vampire Jessica into his trailer for some not-so-sexy sex— all through the fly of his wrangler jeans. The next day, he gives her a big Christmas bonus, leaving the poor vampire girl to feel like a vampire prostitute. Also: Sam’s real name is Dick Whitman!

Sam and his protege Tara at the Merlotte's Bar Christmas party.

I’m so glad that this show is on the air and bringing such well-rounded human characters into our lives. And we mustn’t forget the style! And historical references! The sixties must have been such a gas! The Vampire Civil Rights movement? Clearly the best of all civil rights movements. The well-paced story telling keeps me so engrossed, I can hardly wait to tune into AMC for the next episode.

Upon editing, I’ve realized that I may have confused last night’s True Blood with last night’s Mad Men. Since last night’s True Blood was one of the worst hours of television I’ve ever seen (it was so bad that I can’t even work up the energy to mock it), I will let the mistake stand. In hindsight, I actually made True Blood sound like a pretty cool show. You’re welcome.

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The darkness, the darkness... Don't let them take your light, Maddie!