Saturday, September 4, 2010

Empire State of Mind

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, dudes. While you were angrily slamming your fists on your keyboard, demanding more True Blood recaps and cute videos of animated shells (it’s never enough for you, hypothetical reader who seems to have anger issues), I was packing myself up and moving from Madison, WI to New York City. The transition has been chaotic, stressful, and exciting for everyone involved and settling in has proved equally frantic—my sleep has been spotty at best, I’ve been plagued with nightmares, allergies, and this morning I discovered that I have a STYE on my eyelid. A FUCKING STYE! After a little google research, I learned that styes are most common in babies, which makes sense seeing that I seem to be acting like a baby a lot these days.

Stress of moving aside, I’m excited, nay, THRILLED (does “thrilled” beat “excited”?) to be in New York again. So many places to go and people to meet! Look at all the friends I’ve made already:

Yeah! Look at me schmoozing with the New York elites!* What excitement!** What possibility!*** Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m meeting Don Draper and Yoko Ono for martinis in the East Village.**** As we say in New York, ciao ciao!*****

*“Schmoozing with the New York elites” probably means “fighting a sinus headache while I sit alone in my apartment watching season one of Friday Night Lights.”
**Friday Night Lights is really exciting.
***I need a job.
****This one is 100% true.


inkymama said...

Where are you living? Not that you have to answer here, nor should you...that's the mother in me talking.
Quit rubbing your eyes so much from all that baby crying and carrying on.
I'd say I miss you but this blog really makes up for the fact that even when you were here I didn't see you once!
Love ya Maddie. Keep trying!

Librarian Girl said...

This post made me super excited for two reasons. You are in New York! Also, Alf lives there now too! That is just too much.

skyflynn said...

I miss you sweet Mookie.

Rachel said...

No! No! Wait! There's been a error! You moved to the wrong coast! Abort! Abort! Can't someone turn this damn thing around?!

I hear a baby cry in the distance and think of you.

End scene.