Monday, September 20, 2010

Things I think about on a daily basis:

• Rats and their probably-very active social lives
• Arch Supports
• Rats wearing arch supports (they'd have to be so tiny! And where would they get them? The "rodiatrist?" Hacha!)
• 3 bedroom apartments
• Falling or being pushed (but probably being pushed) onto subway tracks
• Dying on the subway tracks
• Escaping death on the subway tracks
• Who I would do on any given block, train car, or television/movie screen (the tall one/really, me?/ Jon Hamm or Tim Riggins, respectively)
• Bedbugs
• Why no one has asked me to star on Broadway simply because they like the cut of my jib
• Seriously, though. I have a great fucking jib.

Volcano tornados (is that you, 2012?)


Maia said...

Perfect Scenario: You get pushed onto the subway tracks and both Jon Hamm and Tim Riggins come after you, pulling you heroically from the tracks, right before the subway swooshes by. And then you have to choose which one wins your affections because they are both so infatuated with you. This is what I picture your life is like in New York. I don't have a wild imagination or anything.

Cate said...

I love that fantasy.