Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Banksy-directed Simpsons intro that will make you feel...



Well Covered

A lot of effort goes into picking reading material for the subway (in this instance, I’m referring to both public transit AND the popular American sandwich chain). You want something engrossing enough to pass the time, but not so engrossing that you miss your stop (or your opportunity to turn your boring turkey club into an amazing value meal!), you want a book that’s somewhat mindless (as to distract you from your fellow passenger’s rotisserie chicken that keeps bumping you in the face) and, lastly, you want a book whose cover suggests one of two things: A.) “People who read me are so smart and/or interesting!” or B.) “Don’t look at me.”

So, naturally, I’ve been reading a book thats cover (front and back) looks like this:

Very classy. Very subtle. The only thing that could make it MORE classy and MORE subtle is if it were boldly embossed with the words "GAME OF THRONES," right?

(Speaking of book covers, check out these amazing F. Scott Fitzgerald jackets featured by Maia on her beautiful inspiration blog Conundrum)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Reader,

This is a terrible misunderstanding. You see, I've been in the process of moving into a new apartment over the past couple of weeks and, as a result, have been without Internet. All those times you checked in to the site only to find nothing new? It wasn't because I was writing for some other blog (except those times I was definitely writing for some other blog)-- it's because I was busy at the Scandinavian Palace of Nightmares (more commonly known as Ikea), shoving my things into the trunk of a zip car, or spending exorbitant amounts of money at local grocery stores. Please believe that I would never do anything to intentionally reject or hurt or hurt you. I need you as much as you need me, if not more.

Come back and make me the luckiest blog in the world?



Dear Maddie,

I wanted to tell you how much I HAVEN'T missed your posts. With you not writing as often, I finally have the time and energy to go out and read other blogs and believe me! I've been reading tons of other blogs! Huge blogs that are way smarter, funnier, and leaner than you could ever hope to be. So keep doing whatever it is that's prevented you from writing-- not that I care what that is. I don't care what you do. Go write for another website and collect all sorts of skanky readers-- like I said, I DON'T CARE.

Goodbye forever.


Friday, October 1, 2010

One step closer to Joel McHale

Here's my third and final piece on The Social Network for E! Online.

Speaking of The Social Network, this is pretty great:

Real posts will recommence soon.