Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Reader,

This is a terrible misunderstanding. You see, I've been in the process of moving into a new apartment over the past couple of weeks and, as a result, have been without Internet. All those times you checked in to the site only to find nothing new? It wasn't because I was writing for some other blog (except those times I was definitely writing for some other blog)-- it's because I was busy at the Scandinavian Palace of Nightmares (more commonly known as Ikea), shoving my things into the trunk of a zip car, or spending exorbitant amounts of money at local grocery stores. Please believe that I would never do anything to intentionally reject or hurt or hurt you. I need you as much as you need me, if not more.

Come back and make me the luckiest blog in the world?



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Maia McDonald said...

Dear Maddie,

After going through days of withdrawal symptoms including but not limited to sweating, racing heart, nausea, and difficulty breathing I'm hesitant to fully invest in this blog relationship again... who am I kidding I wish I knew how to quit you.