Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Tom Brady With Out Legs"

Though football was a pretty big deal at my high school, I can only remember going to two games throughout my entire time as a student (and I only remember one of those times because a glow stick broke open INSIDE my mouth). In college, I never went to a single football game—in fact, I don’t think I’ve even watched one on television. I didn’t actually learn how a game of football was played until about three months ago when I marathon-watched seasons 1-4 of Friday Night Lights and I’m STILL fuzzy on the rules (is a snap when Taylor Kitsch runs? No? What’s it called when Taylor Kitsch runs? And they get points when he takes off his helmet? No? WHY IS NO ONE GIVING TAYLOR KITSCH POINTS?).

In sum, I'm no expert on football. I am however an expert on anger, so I was able to relate to this child's drawing of the New England Patriots' Tom Brady all the same:

Who among us hasn't imagined someone we hate "with out legs and in a stretcher"? Just the other day, for example, I saw an old woman feeding pigeons in the park. Watching her knobby knuckles poke through her thin skin as she gripped at stale bread crumbs, I couldn't help but think about the quick passage of time and how, to her, it probably feels like only yesterday that she was my age. Suddenly, I realized how bummed out this old lady was making me and became really angry. I then imagined her on a stretcher without legs and it made me feel a lot better. Touchdown!


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Maia McDonald said...

Keely just informed me yesterday that Taylor Kitsch is her husband (which seemed odd since she's already married, but who am I to question) So it looks like the only solution to this problem is a 3-way fight to the death of course.