Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've got a lot going on at GawkerTV. Please check out my recaps for Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, RuPaul's Drag Race, and The Fashion Show Finale.

Also, I've finally found my big city boyfriend:


Thursday, January 13, 2011

This kid gets it.

I wish I could tell William that the sting of Dumbledore's rejection dulls over time, but that would be a lie. A LIE! IT STILL HURTS, WILLIAM!

(Via Buzzfeed)

(P.S. Here are even more WAY cute letters from children to Hogwarts.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Friendship Circle: glowpinkstah

In an attempt to have more reoccurring content on Madeleine Davies Aims to Please, it is my pleasure to introduce Friendship Circle, a new feature in which I talk about people who I’d like to be best friends with and what that bestie-ship would be like. Occasionally, I will talk about my real life besties because they are also pretty and talented and so so smart.

The first inductee into the Friendship Circle is YouTube hero glowpinkstah. If you have never watched her online makeup tutorials, all inspired by movies such as Black Swan, Human Centipede, and Avatar, you are missing out. She is hilarious and possibly the coolest.

Black Swan:

Human Centipede:


If glowpinkstah was my best friend, I imagine that we'd start our night, no duh, at the movies, but we'd never see anything that could be classified as art. No, we would only see movies like Twilight: Eclipse or The Last Song. We would make fart noises during the romantic scenes and the tweens would glare at us. We would play it off apologetically, like we had actually just farted. When the tweens turned back around, we would do it again. After the movie, we'd bike to get nachos and get drunk on Miller High Life. Next, I would suggest that we have an "ironic slumber party" and glowpinkstah would say, "That be awesome. Let's do it." We would both know that it wasn't really an "ironic slumber party," it's just a super fun slumber party. At one point in the night, probably after we discover that we've both had sex dreams about Alan Rickman, she'd go, "I think you should help me with these makeup tutorials that I make for YouTube. I could really use a sidekick." I'd say, "Uhhh, of course. I would love to help you with the makeup tutorials that you make for YouTube." The next day, we would make the video, it would receive over a million hits, and our friendship would be solidified on the Internet forever.

Welcome to the Friendship Circle, glowpinkstah!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year, You Lovable Bunch of Dweebs

Happy New Year, Bros! Is it too late to say that? Especially seeing as 2011 has been pretty terrible thus far? Not for me personally, but for humanity, the Earth, etc, etc? Oh, well. I’ll wish you a Happy New Year regardless because this blog is nothing if not a place for me to escape the confines of a shitty reality where churches protest the funerals of shooting victims and New Year’s blog posts are expected on January 1st. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ONE AND ALL.

Over the past month, I’ve been pretty inactive blog-wise. I wish I could offer you a good excuse for this, but I can’t. Really, I’ve been distracted by Real Housewives marathons and The Hunger Games trilogy (Sidebar: have you read The Hunger Games? They’re so entertaining. And violent! I honestly struggle to talk about anything else, which is slightly sad when you consider that these books are classified as YA. Still, I hardly care because I have so little shame left and these books are so good. But more on The Hunger Games later). Anyway, posts will be more frequent starting today, so, assuming that your New Year’s resolution was to read my blog more, you are very lucky.

Also, over the next four months, I will have the occasional post on Gawker.TV. Please read them and demand more.