Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year, You Lovable Bunch of Dweebs

Happy New Year, Bros! Is it too late to say that? Especially seeing as 2011 has been pretty terrible thus far? Not for me personally, but for humanity, the Earth, etc, etc? Oh, well. I’ll wish you a Happy New Year regardless because this blog is nothing if not a place for me to escape the confines of a shitty reality where churches protest the funerals of shooting victims and New Year’s blog posts are expected on January 1st. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ONE AND ALL.

Over the past month, I’ve been pretty inactive blog-wise. I wish I could offer you a good excuse for this, but I can’t. Really, I’ve been distracted by Real Housewives marathons and The Hunger Games trilogy (Sidebar: have you read The Hunger Games? They’re so entertaining. And violent! I honestly struggle to talk about anything else, which is slightly sad when you consider that these books are classified as YA. Still, I hardly care because I have so little shame left and these books are so good. But more on The Hunger Games later). Anyway, posts will be more frequent starting today, so, assuming that your New Year’s resolution was to read my blog more, you are very lucky.

Also, over the next four months, I will have the occasional post on Gawker.TV. Please read them and demand more.

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katie said...

Oh my. Thank christ, because I love me some gawker and I love me some teevee, but is truly horrendous. And the commenters on there (besides myself obvi) are terrible. I look forward to this! Elevate the discourse or whatever!