Madeleine Davies is the Daily Editor at Until recently, she was the Managing Editor at Jezebel, where she worked as an editor and writer for 7 years. She has contributed to The New York Times, Bon Appétit, the Outline, Broadly, Cosmopolitan, Deadspin, Pendulous Breasts Quarterly (a humor zine curated by former Onion editors), and more. Alongside artist Tara Jacoby, she co-wrote a humor book making fun of dads that will be out June 2019.

Madeleine is passionate about civil rights, ending white supremacy, and intersectional feminism. She like writing jokes and occasionally makes videos. If you are looking for a woman who sounds a little bit like a man (in a good way), she does occasional voice work

Read her Jezebel writing here. Follow her on Twitter here. Listen to DirtCast, the Jezebel podcast she cohosts with Megan Reynolds, here.